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#include oddities.

I have a situation where my WML file includes a file in a subdirectory, which
includes another file in that same subdirectory.  Here are the files:


        <body bgcolor = "#ffffff"> 
        #include '.toc/tt.wmi' 


        #include 'tt.chp'


        <li/>Item 1

(Of course, the indents aren't really in the files.)

Unfortunately, I get an error.  Here's the results when I use "wml --verbose=3

        $ wml --verbose=3 test.wml
        ** WML:Verbose: PASS 1:
        ** WML:Verbose: source: /usr/local/lib/wml/exec/wml_p1_ipp  "-DWML_TMPDIR=/tmp" "-DWML_VERSION=2.0.7 (21-Jun-2001)" "-DWML_LOC_MANDIR=/usr/local/man" "-DWML_LOC_LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib/wml" "-DWML_LOC_BINDIR=/usr/local/bin" "-DWML_LOC_PREFIX=/usr/local" "-DWML_GEN_HOSTNAME=[host]" "-DWML_GEN_REALNAME=Ken McGlothlen" "-DWML_GEN_USERNAME=mcglk" "-DWML_GEN_GMT_ISOTIME=2001-10-19 21:28:30" "-DWML_GEN_GMT_CTIME=Fri Oct 19 21:28:30 2001" "-DWML_GEN_ISOTIME=2001-10-19 14:28:30" "-DWML_GEN_CTIME=Fri Oct 19 14:28:30 2001" "-DWML_GEN_TIME=1003526910" "-DWML_SRC_REALNAME=Ken McGlothlen" "-DWML_SRC_USERNAME=mcglk" "-DWML_SRC_GMT_ISOTIME=2001-10-19 21:27:31" "-DWML_SRC_GMT_CTIME=Fri Oct 19 21:27:31 2001" "-DWML_SRC_ISOTIME=2001-10-19 14:27:31" "-DWML_SRC_CTIME=Fri Oct 19 14:27:31 2001" "-DWML_SRC_TIME=1003526851" "-DWML_SRC_BASENAME=test" "-DWML_SRC_FILENAME=test.wml" "-DWML_SRC_DIRNAME=/home/mcglk/www/" -DIPP_SRC_REALNAME=test.wml -v -S /usr/local/lib/wml/include -n test.wml   -s 'sys/bootp3.wml' -s 'sys/bootp4.wml'  -o /tmp/wml.76832.tmp2.wml /tmp/wml.76832.tmp1.wml
        +-- /tmp/ipp.76832.tmp
          +-- /usr/local/lib/wml/include/sys/bootp3.wml
          +-- /usr/local/lib/wml/include/sys/bootp4.wml
        +-- /tmp/ipp.76832.tmp
          +-- .toc/tt.wmi
        ** IPP:Error: file not found: index.chp
        ** WML:Break: Error in Pass 1 (rc=1).
        $ _

What am I doing wrong?
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