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New release WML 2.0.8

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that WML 2.0.8 is out and available from

A detailed changelog can be found at

Here is a summary:
    *) Fix locales in ePerl (28-Oct-2001)
    *) Upgrade to linklint 2.3.5 (28-Oct-2001)
    *) Cleanup wml::des::navbar (26-Oct-2001)
    *) Fix -W description in wmk usage summary (23-Oct-2001)
    *) Upgrade to mp4h 1.2.2 (18-Oct-2001)
    *) Fix detection of Perl modules (02-Oct-2001)
    *) Undefine variables on command-line (29-Sep-2001)
    *) Upgrade wml_contrib/wml.vim (29-Sep-2001)
    *) Improve wml_p5_divert (09-Sep-2001)
    *) Fix documentation (26-Aug-2001)
    *) Fixed various typos in manual pages (26-Aug-2001)
    *) Fix <protect> (17-Jul-2001)

Werner, the changes you requested in wml::std::href are not listed
because they were already there, but not documented.

Enjoy ;)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
Website META Language (WML)                www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/
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