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Multiple prog. language support

Has anyone thought of a way to make the ePerl pass more language 
independent? I mean that some people might find it useful to choose the 
scripting language of their choice for the third pass. This would be 
possible if there is a clean interface and a consistent specification 
for this pass, so that others could plug in - say a python,php,ruby or 
even shell script embedded scripting engine instead of the present perl.

Please note, I have anothing against Perl as such. Perl is a wonderful 
language. But currently, only people with a knowledge of perl can put in 
a lot of logic when necessary.

Personally, I have a working knowledge of Perl, so I am not facing a lot 
of problems. But I encounter a lot of resistance when I try to push wml 
to non-perl-aware site maintainers.

Perl is possibly one of the fastest interpreters. But since all the work 
in wml is offline, performance is not much of an issue, is it?


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