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Re: img-dimensions in navbars

On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 07:55:17AM +0100, Clemens Oertel wrote:
> On Nov 5 23:53, owner-sw-wml@engelschall.com (DB) wrote:
> |DB>>   :img:width="123"     and
> |DB>>   :img:height="321"
> Hey, this even works with href. Was I blind, or doesn't this get mentioned in
> the std::href docs? Trying to keep the best stuff to yourselves, huh ;-))

Do you know a better way not to receive bug reports? ;)

I documented this feature in
   wml::des::gfont      wml::des::imgdot
   wml::des::navbar     wml::des::rollover  
but not in
   wml::fmt::verbatim   wml::std::href
because there was currently no description of attributes, so it requires
extra work.  Of course it should be done, and all contributions to
improve documentation are very welcome.

Denis Barbier
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