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Re: [wml] publish output files via FTP 'economically'

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001, Sebastian Brosig wrote:

> wml leaves its output files intermingled with input files, but in one's
> DocumentRoot one wants just the data that is needed to render the pages, not
> .wml and include files.

Actually, we purposely put the .wml files on our webserver as well, to give
other WML developers the chance to benefit from our ideas (and hopefully
give us credit for it).

> Has anyone out there a convenient solution to keep a
> remote Webserver in sync with the locally developed html code, the only
> administrative access to the server being  ftp?

This is a lousy situation. We use rsync to copy the locally developed code
to the webserver. This also helps to remove files from the webserver that
are not used anymore.

So I guess the answer is "get a provider that offers you rsync". You can use
rsync with ssh for security. In fact, if you have some shell access, you can
install rsync on the remote server yourself, you don't need root


P.S.: Don't tell me the remote server is not a Unix box ...

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