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Re: publish output files via FTP 'economically'

> wml leaves its output files intermingled with input files, but in one's
> DocumentRoot one wants just the data that is needed to render the pages, not
> .wml and include files. Has anyone out there a convenient solution to keep a
> remote Webserver in sync with the locally developed html code, the only
> administrative access to the server being  ftp? 

For an e-zine (2000+ files) I use simple Makefiles to install the generated 
pages into the root of our local staging-server. Syncronisation with the 
remote server is done with sitecopy (http://www.lyra.org/sitecopy/). Sitecopy 
can update the remote server via ftp or WebDAV and uses a local database to 
compare timestamps and/or checksums. It can also manage file permissions. 
It's easy to use and worked very well for the last few years.

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