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Re: publish output files via FTP 'economically'

Hi Sebastian,

> wml leaves its output files intermingled with input files, but in one's
> DocumentRoot one wants just the data that is needed to render the pages, not
> .wml and include files. Has anyone out there a convenient solution to keep a
> remote Webserver in sync with the locally developed html code, the only
> administrative access to the server being  ftp? 
> Sebastian
> P.S: OK, that's a little bit off-topic, please excuse me. For all this
> question is about one might generate the html with any tool out there, but
> who'd want to anyway when there IS wml?

try weex (http://www.enjoy.ne.jp/~gm/program/weex/index.html), Ive been using 
it for more than a year now to synchronize my web pages, and it works like a 
charm. Highly configurable, and very reliable. You can easily configure it to 
ignore all *.wml files.

I included some info from its web site below.


All the best,

 Fast Webpage Exchanger (weex) is a utility designed to automate the task of 
remotely maintaining a web page or other FTP archive. With weex, the maintainer 
of a web site or archive that must be administered through FTP interaction can 
largely ignore that process.

The archive administrator simply creates a local directory that serves as an 
exact model for the offsite data. All modifications and direct interaction is 
done locally to this directory structure. When the administrator wishes to 
coordinate the data on the remote site with that of the local model directory, 
simply executing weex accomplishes this in the most bandwidth-efficient fashion 
by only transferring files that need updating. The program will create or 
remove (!) files or directories as necessary to accurately establish the local 
model on the remote server.

`weex' is short for WEb EXchanger and is pronounced like `weeks'.
Update your web pages every few weeks with weex. :-)

* Features

    * It works automatically based on the configuration file.
    * You can configure more than one FTP server, and update in succession with 
one command.
    * It sends files that are updated after previous sending by comparing 
    * Files and directories are removed automatically (only on the remote 
    * You can configure files and directories you want to ignore. And they can 
be specified with shell wildcards.
    * It can change the access permissions of sent files. It can also copy 
access permission of the local file to the remote one.
    * You can use it with non-case sensitive FTP servers.
    * Cache facility is supported.
      Weex caches directory structure, file names and each timestamps. So never 
slow transfer even if you have many directories and files.
    * It outputs progress bar when sending.
    * A logging facility is supported. It is useful for using weex with cron or 
background execution.
    * Gettext is supported. Japanese, German, Spanish, Dutch, French and 
Italian translations are available now.

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