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Archives pointer?

Hello out there . . .

Pretty quiet list so far. I usually lurk  on a new list for at least a
couple  days before  posting, but  things are  so quiet  I figured  it
wouldn't matter much.

I wasn't able to find any mention  of a mailing list archive. Does one
exist for  this list? If so,  I'd probably be better  off checking the
archives before asking a basic  newbie question that's been answered a
hundred times. Care to point it out?

BTW, I've taken quite a while to  really get much of a mental grasp on
exactly how  wml is  supposed to work  from a high  level view,  but I
think  I'm starting  to  get it.  Very cool.  I'm  looking forward  to
learning a lot about it. Seems it'll  also serve to educate me on some
of the  other web design  techniques and technologies that  I've never
had time to learn too well.

Louis LeBlanc               leblanc@keyslapper.org
Fully Funded Hobbyist, KeySlapper Extrordinaire :)
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