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Re: Archives pointer?

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 12:37:20AM -0500, Louis LeBlanc wrote:
> Hello out there . . .
> Pretty quiet list so far. I usually lurk  on a new list for at least a
> couple  days before  posting, but  things are  so quiet  I figured  it
> wouldn't matter much.
> I wasn't able to find any mention  of a mailing list archive. Does one
> exist for  this list? If so,  I'd probably be better  off checking the
> archives before asking a basic  newbie question that's been answered a
> hundred times. Care to point it out?
> BTW, I've taken quite a while to  really get much of a mental grasp on
> exactly how  wml is  supposed to work  from a high  level view,  but I
> think  I'm starting  to  get it.  Very cool.  I'm  looking forward  to
> learning a lot about it. Seems it'll  also serve to educate me on some
> of the  other web design  techniques and technologies that  I've never
> had time to learn too well.

Hi Louis,

list archives are available at

You may also try `wmd' which is the WML documentation browser.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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