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Re: New to WML : separate html output from wml?

> 1. Structure
> I want to separate the html output from the wml source.
I have played around with this for a while too --- but then I realised that
there are other implications: the non-html/wml files, such as images,
downloads etc --- still have to be moved to your /somedir/pages, and that's
a pain. I settled for a shell script that uses find to suck out files with
relevant extensions (html, png, jpg, zip, ...) to /somedir/pages/. Other
people use a Makefile, it's a matter of taste and skills I guess. I just run
that script when I intend to publish my work to the "staging" server or
finally upload, and have my /somedir/ as apache's DocumentRoot, so that I
(and my proof readers) can browse into my work-in-progress as well as the
local mirror of the externally served pages.

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