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Re: New to WML : separate html output from wml?

On 12/12/01 09:52 AM, Sebastian Brosig sat at the `puter and typed:
> > 1. Structure
> > I want to separate the html output from the wml source.
> I have played around with this for a while too --- but then I realised that
> there are other implications: the non-html/wml files, such as images,
> downloads etc --- still have to be moved to your /somedir/pages, and that's
> a pain. I settled for a shell script that uses find to suck out files with
> relevant extensions (html, png, jpg, zip, ...) to /somedir/pages/. Other
> people use a Makefile, it's a matter of taste and skills I guess. I just run
> that script when I intend to publish my work to the "staging" server or
> finally upload, and have my /somedir/ as apache's DocumentRoot, so that I
> (and my proof readers) can browse into my work-in-progress as well as the
> local mirror of the externally served pages.
> seb

I'm very new to wml (like days) and even newer to the list, so forgive
me for poking  my nose in the  middle of a thread that  I haven't been
privy to until now.

Couldn't you  just link the  image dirs from  the staging area  to the
build area? I've been starting  to think about this separation myself,
and this is the first thing to  come to my mind. The HTML source would
be a different issue.

I've literally  just started  learning WML and  haven't even  begun to
understand the dependencies between passes yet, so I haven't been able
to spend time on this,  but can't the -o parameter put the HTML source
anywhere you want? You should be able to just put '-D STAGING_DIR=<somedir>'
in the base  .wmlrc, then you can use  '-o $(STAGING_DIR)/out.html' in
the. shebang line in your .wml file.
Hmm.  That one literally just popped. into my head .

Maybe  these ideas  will help  solve your  problem. Let  me know,  I'm
curious :)

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