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Re: New to WML : separate html output from wml?

On 12/12/01 09:45 AM, Louis LeBlanc sat at the `puter and typed:
> On 12/12/01 09:52 AM, Sebastian Brosig sat at the `puter and typed:
> > > 1. Structure
> > > I want to separate the html output from the wml source.
> > I have played around with this for a while too --- but then I realised that
> > there are other implications: the non-html/wml files, such as images,
> > downloads etc --- still have to be moved to your /somedir/pages, and that's
> > a pain. I settled for a shell script that uses find to suck out files with
> > relevant extensions (html, png, jpg, zip, ...) to /somedir/pages/. Other
> > people use a Makefile, it's a matter of taste and skills I guess. I just run
> > that script when I intend to publish my work to the "staging" server or
> > finally upload, and have my /somedir/ as apache's DocumentRoot, so that I
> > (and my proof readers) can browse into my work-in-progress as well as the
> > local mirror of the externally served pages.
> > seb
> I'm very new to wml (like days) and even newer to the list, so forgive
> me for poking  my nose in the  middle of a thread that  I haven't been
> privy to until now.
> Couldn't you  just link the  image dirs from  the staging area  to the
> build area? I've been starting  to think about this separation myself,
> and this is the first thing to  come to my mind. The HTML source would
> be a different issue.
> I've literally  just started  learning WML and  haven't even  begun to
> understand the dependencies between passes yet, so I haven't been able
> to spend time on this,  but can't the -o parameter put the HTML source
> anywhere you want? You should be able to just put '-D STAGING_DIR=<somedir>'
> in the base  .wmlrc, then you can use  '-o $(STAGING_DIR)/out.html' in
> the. shebang line in your .wml file.
> Hmm.  That one literally just popped. into my head .
> Maybe  these ideas  will help  solve your  problem. Let  me know,  I'm
> curious :)

Well, I've tried it out and it turns out the $(STAGING_DIR) variable
in the shebang line won't work.  I've been able to get around it by
generating the wml file from a perl script, but that's only ok for the
case where I absolutely have to do so to solve other problems as well.

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