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Re: Cleaning up the HTML

* Werner Heuser <wehe@snafu.de> [011210 07:38]:
> ...
> > unreadable. There are 1 oder several lines of Code with all Tags one after
> > another.
> > Is there a way to make the generated HTML-Code readable?
> Maybe you are using an option like -O to optimize the code.
> First I would try without such an option. Second you may use
> a tool like `tidy' (www.w3.org) to make your code readable again.
> To get a very optimized code again, I use `htmlclean',
> this saves app. 20% of space and reduces the load time.
tidy - that's it. But, i can't find packages of htmlclean for my
distribution (debian woody). Is there an URL?

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