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Re: m4 und divert

On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 12:29:56PM +0100, Philipp Meisen wrote:
> Could someone gibe me an example, why I should use divert and m4?
> Here my example, why I ask
> with divert:
> {#TEST#:lalala:##}
> Ausgabe: {#TEST#}
> with m4:
> m4_define(TEST, lalala)
> Ausgabe: TEST
> I mean where is the different? In my opinion everything I can realize with m4 I also can realize with divert...

As m4 has also its own diversions, I too believe that everything done
with wml_p5_divert can be done with m4.
But at least you do not have to learn m4 and spend time trying to figure
why certain constructs do not work as expected.

Denis Barbier
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