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Re: m4 und divert

Can you keep _adding_ to a m4 definition? I dont know m4 at all.

Multiple {#TEST#: STUFF :#TEST#} statements keep adding to the value of
{#TEST#} where STUFF can change any time.

I love how I can keep adding to the content of a template region any number
of times.

How could you do this in m4?

I generally have a site wide template with a menu area with {#MENU#} down
there. now depending upon the section of the web site where the page lies,
the number of context menus change. I simply add to the contents of the
MENU area from section to section.

How can you add to a template after it has been defined?

How would you implement the <page> macro otherwise?


- Sandip

> Could someone gibe me an example, why I should use divert and m4?
> Here my example, why I ask
> with divert:
> {#TEST#:lalala:##}
> Ausgabe: {#TEST#}
> with m4:
> m4_define(TEST, lalala)
> Ausgabe: TEST
> I mean where is the different? In my opinion everything I can realize
> with m4 I also can realize with divert...
> Please explain me the different
> thx Philipp

Sandip Bhattacharya
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