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Bug in wml?

Hi all,

The following piece of WML gives a compilation error whenever the body of
the "bid" tag matches the Perl regexp \d.*.  Is that a bug in wml or 
am I doing something wrong?


<define-tag bid>
    $bid = %body;
	#Some other piece of code that is irrelevant

#Gives a compilation error if the argument to "bid" is of form
<bid 2C>

Output of wml after running "wml filename" on this file:

ePerl:Error: Perl parsing error (interpreter rc=255)

---- Contents of STDERR channel: ---------
Bareword found where operator expected at /tmp/wml.2639.tmp1.wml line 25,
near "2C"
 (Missing operator before C?)
 syntax error at /tmp/wml.2639.tmp1.wml line 25, near "2C"
 Execution of /tmp/wml.2639.tmp1.wml aborted due to compilation errors.
 ** WML:Break: Error in Pass 3 (rc=74).

 1 returned
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