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Help needed with hierarchical subnavigation bars


[As far as I can tell my previous attempts to send this message have not
worked, so here it goes...]

I have tried on the mailing list but got no reply. I am attempting to do
something in WML, and I know it is possible, but I think it needs a code
revision. What I want to do is have a NAVIGATION BAR, similar to the
SubNavBar in the WML site, but I want it to be hierarchial. This should
not be too much of a problem, but as far as I can tell the cascading
menus get done in the correct order.

NavBar would need to be able render like

In other words render an entire level of the NavBar before the next one.
I think this is just a more extreme version of menumode=inner|outer... I
think it should be relatively straightforward for someone who knows WML
to add another menumode for line based rendering....

The documentation says that all I need to do is use my imagination, but
Cannot work out how to use my imagination to get this to work. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Darryl Smith, VK2TDS   POBox 169 Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia
Mobile Number 0412 929 634 [+61 4 12 929 634 International]
Darryl@radio-active.net.au | www.radio-active.net.au for domain names 

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