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<rollover> tag and multiple languages (WML 2.0.7)


There is a problem when I am using the "rollover" tag together with
sections for different languages. The JavaScript code for the functions
that change the file name of an image object will only be written to the
language section where the first "rollover" tag occurs:

#!wml -o (ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_EN:example_en.html \
    -o (ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_DE:example_de.html \


<lang:new id=en short>
<lang:new id=de short>

<rollover name="foo" src="foo.gif" oversrc="foo_ro.gif"
alt="go to foo" href="foo.html">
<rollover name="blah" src="blah.gif" oversrc="blah_hl.gif"
alt="Gehe nach blah" href="blah.html">

In this example, only example_en.html will contain the complete JavaScript
code for the rollover effect.

Kind regards
Niklas Deutschmann

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