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Re: Reverse engineer a website?

"Paul C. Williamson" schrieb:
> Is it possible to reverse engineer a website?  I have a website that
> another person designed, but has now left our company.  I have
> been asked to take over the support of it, and I'd like to use wml,
> but I don't want to have to rebuild the site from the ground up.
> If I do, I guess I will.  I'd rather start with the existing site
> and make small changes via wml.

that's the way I started with WML. I took my existing pages and
included some small part of WML. Actually it was the "include file"
feature. And step by step I went on. That's very easy, because
HTML is WML already. But to avoid any conflicts I renamed the
HTML files to .wml ! Another hint: start with the `wmd' command first

Good luck

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