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Nested slices and variables

When nesting languages slices into another one like this :

<en: <fr: français><en: english>>

the output is, as I expected :
- nothing in the .fr file
- "english" in the .en file

But, if the inside slices come from a variable, like this :

<set-var foo="<fr: français><en: english>">
<en: <get-var foo>>

the output becomes this :
- "français" in the .fr file
- "françaisenglish" in the .en file

Is this a feature or a bug?


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#use wml::std::lang
<lang:new id=en short>
<lang:new id=fr short>

Without variable: <en: <fr: français><en: english>>

<set-var foo="<fr: français><en: english>">
With variable: <en: <get-var foo>>


<set-var foo_fr="français">
<set-var foo_en="english">
With language-dependant variables: <en: <get-var foo_<lang:current>>>

<define-tag foo><fr: français><en: english></define-tag>
With tag: <en: <foo>>
Without variable: english
With variable: françaisenglish
With language-dependant variables: english
With tag: english
Without variable: 
With variable: français
With language-dependant variables: 
With tag: