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toc etc

Hi Collegues,

i would think that for professional projects wml::std::toc is not satisfactory 
just because it allows only for the 5 built-in styles. Of course, those styles 
have many options, but they do not cover all situations (for instance, what if 
I wish to render toc using CSS only?).

I would think that something like this should be much better: instead of <toc> 
to have

<toc-style name="ol"> ;;; predefined tag for the 'ol' style
;;; here we optionally redefine some styles
<toc_h4_style> <li><a href="#%toc_href%" class="myh4class">%toc_title%</a> 

That is, we can define our own style and use a standard one as a base.

The same should be applicable to other standard includes as well: 
many of them are not flexible enough (and this should stop many potential
wml-users (not wml-programmers) from using it).

What do you think?


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