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Re: bug in href or toc?

> you obviously use wml::std::toc which creates a TableOfContent and adds
> a <a name..> to all <hX>
right, that's the WML feature I use

> IMHO wlm::std::toc is missing some features like excluding a <hX> from the
> TOC (even though <protect> might do it) and an additional <nobr> style

I would like this feature, too. But Denis Barbier send me this work
around, it builds a ToC of <h2> headers only:

<ul class="toc">
#use wml::std::toc style=ul
<define-tag toc_section endtag=required whitespace=delete>
<when <eq %0 2>>


[[s/<a href/<li><a href/g]]

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