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nested navbar

Hi everyone,

As you can see under http://www.rothenstein-oelknitz.de/ and the pages 
included therein, I made a text only navbar out of tables. Under the navbar 
item Chronik / chronicle I located a sub-navbar. As you can see, the pointer 
GIF, which is located in the <navbar:prolog type="S"> tag, follows the 
selection. This works fine for the main navbar and also for the sub-navbar if 
you see each one alone.
But I wish to have the top menu item still marked, even when I descend down 
into a sub-navbar. This means when I select a page under a sub-navbar item, 
both the selected item and the main navbar item, which is the parent of it, 
should be in selected state.
>From the documentation I guessed, the main navbar item would enter the 
SS-state when a descendant is selected, but I was wrong.

It would greatly help if someone had an example for me. I only found an 
example for a simple navbar in the docs.

Thanks in advance,
Happy computing...
Frank Limpert
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