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Re: bug in href or toc?

Am Mon, 2002-02-11 um 18.26 schrieb Werner Heuser:
> > > <h3><a name="ToC4"><a href="http://www.fujitsu-siemens.de">Fujitsu</a>:
> > > Lifebook Biblo B-2130</a></h3>
> > I am sorry, I see two openings <a ...> and two closing </a>, which seems
> > pretty correct, as far as I know.
> You are right, but the two <a ..> tags are nested, and this 
> results in a warning from `tidy' the HTML checker from W3C.
ain't it allowed to do <a><a></a></a> ?
if it's allowed there's surely a bug in the HTML checker

the <a>-tag is kinda special after it's used for both anchor and hyper
referece, a design flaw in my eyes....
And in times of CSS there can be clear difference between two <a>s (if
you add class="")


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