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Re: [wml] php + wml

We do use the combination WML + PHP quite successfully.
We compile easy-to-read WML-templates into fast PHP code.
It's really great. We use it the same way as JSP with tag libraries is used.

One short example of code:

<xquery name="get_it" orderby="salary">
  <xquery_before> <table> </xquery_before>
          <td> %get_it.name% </td > <td> %get_it.salary% </td>
  <xquery_after> </table> </xquery_after>
<xquery_empty> Nobody found </xquery_empty>

But we make it even higher level to be manageble by users.


> Why would you want to mix php and wml if you don't even want to drink and
> derive?
> Or did you want WML to interpret/run your PHP-code during compilation?
> might be a bit harder to do. But who would want to use PHP if he can use
> Perl, anyway.

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