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some typos in help


First I want to say thanks for the very cool system, WML.
I am new to it, not made anything, just learning the things
and trying some examples and my works since 1.5 weeks.
I decided to send the errors in help system. Later I will have
questions. (I had a lot, but I always switch to new parts of
the system to have an overall view first, and always forget
the problems. :-)

in documentation of wmd::des::navbar

s/one point fot the/one point for the/
s/There are two possible/There are three possible/
s/my ($mycode, /my ($mycode);\nmy (/

Will mail questions later. And some more errors in
documentation if you like. Please check these and fix
if you agree. (hope they are understandable)

Congratulations for the great system, Mr. Engelshcall!

Two question, what may pop up for beginners, so did
for me as well:

1. This is used to convert ONE wml file to one-or-more
(pass9) html files. This is not clear in the first seek, please
state it more clearly, and if this is true, please state that
I have to make a little script or makefile to have all
my pages processed. Currently I made a little shell
script: for i in *.wml; do; wml $i; done. Is this the
way? I was reading the overreview and docs millon
times to understand this! Thought it can work with
more input files (even if the docs says _one_) but
overreview says, "generating complete webpages".
Which means more than one input files, or what..

2. The TEMPLATE system some examples use
are VERY FINE. But this is not documented well!
I spent 1 weeks on reading and testing to see, that
I don't need system like:
#include header
<some html stuff>
#include menupart
<other html stuff>
#include footer

(like we did with our own similar but lame system
and as we do with .shtml!) Please write documentation
of the idea behind having a complete template
and diverting the stuff, the body suff. This is clear
only after reading _most_ of docs, and starting
understnad the example sites! (not after 3 days)

While if it was documented better, it would be
easier for "beginners". Hope you agree.


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