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Re: some typos in help

On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 03:59:36PM +0100, Veres Ferenc wrote:
> Hi!
> First I want to say thanks for the very cool system, WML.
> I am new to it, not made anything, just learning the things
> and trying some examples and my works since 1.5 weeks.
> I decided to send the errors in help system. Later I will have
> questions. (I had a lot, but I always switch to new parts of
> the system to have an overall view first, and always forget
> the problems. :-)
> in documentation of wmd::des::navbar
> s/one point fot the/one point for the/


> s/There are two possible/There are three possible/


> s/my ($mycode, /my ($mycode);\nmy (/

Not ok, but there is an error few lines above, it should be:
    $markup_code = &{$func}($markup_code, $CFG, $select);

> Will mail questions later. And some more errors in
> documentation if you like. Please check these and fix
> if you agree. (hope they are understandable)

Sure, all fixes are welcome.

> Congratulations for the great system, Mr. Engelshcall!
> Two question, what may pop up for beginners, so did
> for me as well:
> 1. This is used to convert ONE wml file to one-or-more
> (pass9) html files.


> This is not clear in the first seek, please state it more clearly,

Patches are welcome ;)

> and if this is true, please state that I have to make a little script
> or makefile to have all my pages processed. Currently I made a little
> shell script: for i in *.wml; do; wml $i; done. Is this the way?

No, you may either try wmk or use Makefiles.
In any case, did you try wmd?  It helps a lot browsing documentation.

> While if it was documented better, it would be
> easier for "beginners". Hope you agree.

Sure, Ralf did write very nice documentation, but I must say I did not 
try to improve it, because I feel unable to write good documentation.
And I believe that documentation is much more useful when it is written
by users and not developers (this is true for programs I develop, and is
of course wrong with the ones I am using ;o)).

Denis Barbier
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