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Re: some typos in help

Hi There!

Thanks for the fast reply!

Denis Barbier wrote:

>>s/my ($mycode, /my ($mycode);\nmy (/
>Not ok, but there is an error few lines above, it should be:
>    $markup_code = &{$func}($markup_code, $CFG, $select);
Yes, then there was a bug even. Anyway, how can I use this feature?
The example is too simple. What is in $CFG, what is in $select?
Its ok, that you want users to write documentation, but some author
must keep this in hands. So now, I am writing it, but you are doing
the tracking. :

>>Patches are welcome ;)
Patching the documentation and sending paragraphs to you? :-) Well,
probably as learning more I will forget this kind of problems, even if
I think it could make beginners' life easier.

>No, you may either try wmk or use Makefiles.
>In any case, did you try wmd?  It helps a lot browsing documentation.
Ok, I did not know wmk. It will be okay. Thanks. And yes, I know
wmd, using it frequently.

>>While if it was documented better, it would be
>>easier for "beginners". Hope you agree.
>Sure, Ralf did write very nice documentation, but I must say I did not 
>try to improve it, because I feel unable to write good documentation.
>And I believe that documentation is much more useful when it is written
>by users and not developers (this is true for programs I develop, and is
>of course wrong with the ones I am using ;o)).
Hahaha! Well, the documentation is very good, just needs some fixes.
Ok, I don't know what then. If I run in more typos I will send them.
Probably more serious questions will come as well.

Best Regards,

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