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image sizes, extended navbar:button


3 serious questions:
FIRST: Images for size check are searched relative to the
_source_ file and not the _destination_. I saw some $(ROOT) tricks
in some examples, but that has included /home/lion stuff in the
html files, not good. How do you workaround this?!
And I cannot have wml files in the destination dir, neither I can copy
images dir into wml files dir because there are 2 destination dirs:
en and hu, with different images on the same name. See the structure:

en/ [output for english html]
en/images/ [the html's images, so they are like "SRC=images/references.gif"
hu/ [hungarian html]
hu/images [hungarian gfx]
images/ [common hu/en gfx (like icons, not textural stuff)]
info.wml [test file]
inc/ [my wml template]

If I run wml test.wml, it outputs to en and hu dirs, but cannot find the
images for checking sizes because they are in e.g. en/images. Why are
not the images searched relative to the destination file? Hm... maybe
because that pass does not know anything about slicing!! Then how to
resolve this problem? I cannot copy en/images/* hu/images/* in the
same dir.

SECOND problem: I need to extend the OnMouseOver stuff in the
buttons, because I have a page where both the menu text and an
icon changes image on onmouseover. Is this done with
   $mcode = s/Onmouseover="/Onmouseover="myextacode; /g
Or how? Will be even more tricky, coz the incons will form
another navbar, which will change the image states in the menu

To understand see: http://www.netngine.hu/references_e.html
(which site is going to be WML if everything goes ok. And
we will take wml into our co. strategy if other colleagues agree as
well, replacing our own small programs and .shtml)

THIRD: I wanted to make automatic selection of the language menu.
This simply needs
        <navbar:render name=language select=<lang:star: *> nohints>

Whis is, if I understand well, replaced with en, hu in each pass of
slicing. (pass 9). Or not? Documentation says, <lang:star: *>
returns nothing if it is not in any language block. But if I
use language blocks, then I don't even need this, I can write en,hu
        <navbar:render name=language select=en nohints>
And so on. Which sounds lame.

Thanks in advance!

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