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nested navbars

Hi all!

I was planning to use sub navbars. The problem was that it was
rendered in the main navbar. I would like to share the idea how
I resolved this, some users might see this useful. I did not see this
idea in other templates, neither in documentation. Maybe because
the documentation sections have not much relation to each other,
so pass2 cannot refer to pass5. :-?

Simple use a divert in subnavbar, like in
<navbar:header> {#SUBMENU#: <TABLE etc your code </navbar:header>

Close the divert in navbar:footer with :#SUBMENU#} </navbar:footer>
and voila: this eliminates the submenu from your main menu. :-)

Then simple display it on any place you need {#SUBMENU#}.

Buggy method. Later I noticed. The javascript preloads are still
rendered in place of the original sub navbar, and that puts in
some newline characters, which breaks the menu. Any idea how to
move the javascript as well?? Hmm... the idea was so fine :(
And I need something like this very badly.

How can I set selected and subselected items in the submenu?
Can I somehow access the <navbar:render> of it, or some other
way doing this? I have made a 3rd level of the menu as well,
like on:

But the little menu never shows up, because the second level
menu (linked to main menu's services button as menu=) cannot
select the "webdesign" menu, so it's another "menu=" never
happens to run. Any ideas are welcomed.

I upload the current template to http://www.netngine.hu/wml/
but do not take this too serious, it has a lot of things to
fix and do, probalby. This is what I could do in 2 weeks in
WML. :-)

Please help! :-)


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