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breadcrumb navigation trail


Has anybody created a template for automatic creation of the
breadcrump navigation trail[1] for websites containing many nested

For the CERN chess site[2] I'm currently using a simple and plain
approach, where the trail links to parent dirs are specified verbatim
in a template file in each subdir.  This would become impractical to
maintain if the site contains many nested subdirs and if one has to
rename subdirs or to move them along, etc.

It's relatively easy to make a script to create this trail
automatically, based on the dir structure and a config file with
desired link names, but perhaps somebody has done that already, so I
thought of asking here in order not to reinvent the wheel :-).  TIA.


[1] For definition, see <http://www.useit.com/alertbox/991114.html>.
[2] See for example the orange-coloured navigation trail on the page:

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