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Re: image sizes, extended navbar:button


Thanks for the replies! Yes, they are something like what I
expected after reading all the docs. Will try the image sizes
thing today, just wanted to be sure that it cannot be relative
to destination files.

Denis Barbier wrote:

>>   $mcode = s/Onmouseover="/Onmouseover="myextacode; /g
>>Or how? Will be even more tricky, coz the incons will form
>>another navbar, which will change the image states in the menu
>Hmmm, sounds quite hard, maybe you should write your own navbar macros.
Hope there will be no need. The navbar macros are already quite
complex. I still wait some response to "nested navbars" mail, I hope
the answer will not state that I really have to make own navbars. (As
I surrely won't, because I use WML to use its features not to recode
them :-)

>But it is really what you want, because your first try is similar to
>  <navbar:render name=language select="<en>en</en><hu>hu</hu>" nohints>
>and there is no such id in your navbar.
Hehe, first I thought this could work. But surelly, no way like this. 
the order of passes)

>But you may define something like
>    <define-tag navbar:render:lang>
>    <preserve name array-langs l />
><set-var %attributes />
>    <set-var array-langs=<lang:list /> />
>    <foreach l array-langs>
>      <subst-in-string "<dUmMy:lang:<get-var l />>
>          <navbar:render name=<get-var name /> select=<get-var l /> nohints />
>          </dUmMy:lang:<get-var l />>" "dUmMy:" "" />
>    </foreach>
>    <restore name array-langs l />
>    </define-tag>
>and call it with
>    <navbar:render:lang name=language nohints>
>It's tricky, I may explain it in detail if you are interested.
Fine tricks in this. I tried it, works, I read the code more times, I
just don't understand one little thing: Why do you use this <DUMMY:
thing, can't you simple use <<get-var l>>. I did not find <lang:en>
in the docs, just <lang:area> and <en> but I think this is equal to
the second one (as it works). But why need the dummy and search-replace
thing, not simple generating the <en><navbar..</en> in the foreach

Thanks, this works great now!

Ferenc Veres

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