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On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 12:55:47PM +0100, Ralf Vissers wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> thanks for maintaining WML and Mailing List.
> You (and all other participants) are doing a great job there! ;-))
> Last week I switched to NAVBAR txtonly mode
> and i was looking for an extra link behaviour
> like pseudo class a:link { ... } in CSS.
> Finally I have changed
> 	$O .= '<*a href=...
> to
> 	$O .= '<*a class="menu" href=...
> in section
> 	#   for a button without images
> of my local copy of navbar.wml.
> See http://home.arcor.de/vissers/ for an example.


you could try
   <navbar:render [your options] :a:class="menu">

This is how it is supposed to work.
But in ChangeLog there is
    *) Fix generic attributes in wml::des::navbar (05-Nov-2001):
       They were not always taken into account.

So it could not work with WML 2.0.8, maybe CVS version is required.

> What do you think about builtin WML macro support for CSS?

WML must help writing HTML documents with CSS support.
I have no idea on how to do it, except with the scheme above, described
in wml::des::navbar(1) section 'Special options of <navbar:render>'.
Unfortunately I reveive few feedback, so I am not not it works as

> IMHO it would be nice for other users and for other includes.
> What about the mail below from Petr Andreyev?
> You have answered "Your idea looks interesting, patches are welcome ;)".
> Have there been any patches?

Not yet.

Denis Barbier
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