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Upgraded wml from potato to woody, divert doesnt work any more ?


I recently upgraded from potato to woody.
I just re-built one of my wml pages with wml-woody (WML v. 2.0.8) and the
body of the page is outside the whole template.

Short example :
=== template file ====
[ ... wml and html stuff, including rendering of a navbar ]
[ ... more html stuff ]


=== end of template file ====

=== file to render ===
#include "template.tmpl"  # <--- this is the name of my template file
[ html stuff ]
=== end of file to render ===

Whenever I render this file (or any other), the diversion does not run any
more, i.e., the contents of the file to render is actually put at the
bottom of the rendered file (after </html>).

I tried this with unmodified source files - unmodified since I upgraded, I
mean - same result. It worked perfectly with potato.

Did I miss anything ?

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