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Re: nested navbars2

Hi There!

Sebastian: I will check the sources this evening (now I go offline), but 
checking navbar.wml in the system I think you used some other tricky way.
I have an idea of using a "menu controller" item definition, which can
generate all necessary navbars as they were top level navbars, so you can
easlily set parameters. I am interested in your solution, because there 
is no
code in navbar.wml's sources for this! :-)

Other way, is that I made a very simple patch for the navbar.wml system,
which I will send here, probably only after checking your solution. My
patch allows you setting the active item in <navbar:define.

Darryl Smith wrote:

>I am wondering if anyone has ever done a HORIZONTAL nested navbar. They
>seem to be a lot harder to implement since ALL the items at a level need
>to be rendered before the next level gets done. 
>I *REALLY* need this for my site. I just cannot work out how to do it
Is not this problem resolved by my idea I sent last week (probably with 
navbars" subject, where I DIVERTED the contents of the sub navbar to totally
different place. So you can have a
<table><tr><td> mainbutton1 </Td><td> mainbutton2 </td> .... mainbuttonN 
<table><tr><td> subformain3_button1 </td><td>subformain3_button2</td>...

This is horizontal, and works with the idea I sent last week, with 
diverting all
contents of the sub-navbar to another place.

Nooo, I decided to share for comments the patch now, because keeping the
ideas and questions slowes my work down dramatically. So read my next
mail, which might be out-of-order if Sebastian's solution is so beautiful.


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