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Re: nested navbars2


Sebastian.Brosig@Novas.org wrote:

>my humble website www.novas.org has nested navbars galore. And it works.
Thanks... The examples are not good.

1. There is an "include.inc" refered, and this file is not packed. 
Deleting the
include line fixes the bug, but could you please fix. :-)

2. Your example does not contain selection on the second level menu. When
I click on "who are novas", the submenu opens, and the main menu item is
deactivated by the <navbar element. Then I cannot click on e.g. Group 
(like you can one some menu items on the online version) so I cannot open a
third level menu to see, if "group structure" is unactivated or not. (As 
it is
very nicely unactivated on the online version, but HOW?? :-) Could you 
add one more level to the example files?

Thanks in advance!

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