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Re: sources vor www.novas.org

yep, the sources in my little extract were out-of-date and incomplete. I
have uploaded the lot now, you can just download all the current source
files at your pleasure. The files are not linked to anywhere, so you have
to make educated guesses. My "include" fliles are called "*.inc", and live
mostly in the root directory, a *nav.inc in each directory holds navbar
definitions, and there are .wmlrc files and a .wml for every .html you see
on the site.  As I said before, everything has grown while I learned wml,
(well to be honest I re-wrote once, halfway up my learning-curve), so a lot
more -Dname ~ definition - type  magic could be used in .wmlrc files and
references to directories are hard-coded in the wml so you can't just copy
a wml to a different place and expect it to work. When someone uses my
templates and improves them, please let me know so that I (layzy sod) can
benefit too... long live gpl. Ahem, there is no license attached of course,
as I can't be bothered and have not cleared this "publish sources" policy
with my bosses, so I guess it's "public domain". I guess tomorrow M$ is
going to download everything, copyright it, and sue me for not paying a
license fee to them :-)
Start with  http://www.novas.org/index.wml, and find everything


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