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Re: nested navbar (sources of www.novas.org)

> Seems to be undocumented feature to me: if you call a navbar, with
> "select=VALUE" where value is an id of a subnavbar, then it can
> find the necessary subnavbar and render it. Or what?

well, to be precise, select=VALUE where VALUE is the ID of an item in a
   which is
    a) mentioned as menu= in the paren navbar
    b) defined (i.e.#included  in the source of files appearing in that

originally I had all navbars and sub-navbars in one file for the whole
site, but that takes longer to wmk and also has a global "namespace" for
item IDs. We have lots of submenus with similar structure and I want to be
able to use different items in different directories (-> submenus) with
identical names.

I learned this (after much poking around in the dark) in the second (more
complicated) example in the wml::des::navbar documentation.

 I don't
> understand!!! Anyway, the main menu item is not selected in this
> case! Or if you provide "subselected" then both main menu and active
submenu will be links.-----------------------------
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