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Re: nested navbars2

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 11:19:52AM +0100, Veres Ferenc wrote:
> Hi!
> Sebastian.Brosig@Novas.org wrote:
> >my humble website www.novas.org has nested navbars galore. And it works.
> >
> Thanks... The examples are not good.
> 1. There is an "include.inc" refered, and this file is not packed. 
> Deleting the
> include line fixes the bug, but could you please fix. :-)
> 2. Your example does not contain selection on the second level menu. When
> I click on "who are novas", the submenu opens, and the main menu item is
> deactivated by the <navbar element. Then I cannot click on e.g. Group 
> Structure
> (like you can one some menu items on the online version) so I cannot open a
> third level menu to see, if "group structure" is unactivated or not. (As 
> it is
> very nicely unactivated on the online version, but HOW?? :-) Could you 
> please
> add one more level to the example files?

I've put an old example at
[this is a temporary location]

AFAICT I played with this example when trying to figure how to deal with
nested navbars, but I can't remember exactly if this was a good example.

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