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Re: nested navbars2


There are 2 threads on the same subject. Ones reading the mail archives 
will get mad on this :)

>I've put an old example at
>   http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/tmp/www.gimp.org/
>[this is a temporary location]
>AFAICT I played with this example when trying to figure how to deal with
>nested navbars, but I can't remember exactly if this was a good example
WOW! Is gimp.org still on wml? Fine refernece :)
In this example I saw the same thing: (even if I did not really see 
because the menu
has no "active color") So when you select "clone tool", "documentation" or
"core tools" will not be active coloured. Am I right? Still have to download
the exmaple and compare to the one I tested according to Novas.org examples.

Dennis: my patch is BUGGY, according to this new fact that submenu items
can be directly selected. because I set the subitem selection to 0, and 
state to 0 as well. I will change it back to "$select","$subselected", 
but in this
case I need a way to turn OFF subselected state in the <navbar:define>.
Which always overwrites the "menu=" inherited setting. But how do you
add a "<navbar:define not subselected>", there is no way, because this 
is not
a name=value pair, just a flag, which can be turn ON only, not OFF. :-?

Too bad. Still testing today.

Thanks for the ideas. I hope you understand my problem. If not, then I
upload the test site with original and modified navbar.wml, you will
exactly see what I need.



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