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Re: nested navbars2

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 12:59:50PM +0100, Veres Ferenc wrote:
> Hi!
> There are 2 threads on the same subject. Ones reading the mail archives 
> later
> will get mad on this :)
> >I've put an old example at
> >   http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/tmp/www.gimp.org/
> >[this is a temporary location]
> >
> >AFAICT I played with this example when trying to figure how to deal with
> >nested navbars, but I can't remember exactly if this was a good example
> >
> WOW! Is gimp.org still on wml? Fine refernece :)

No, it isn't, I took this example simply because I love this navbar.
I tried to make clear on these pages that www.gimp.org does not use WML,
but will rename this directory to an anonymous one.

> In this example I saw the same thing: (even if I did not really see 
> because the menu
> has no "active color") So when you select "clone tool", "documentation" or
> "core tools" will not be active coloured. Am I right?

Yes.  I misunderstood your point (was confused by these threads, too :)).

> Still have to download the exmaple and compare to the one I tested
> according to Novas.org examples.
> Dennis: my patch is BUGGY, according to this new fact that submenu
> items can be directly selected. because I set the subitem selection to
> 0, and selected state to 0 as well. I will change it back to
> "$select","$subselected", but in this case I need a way to turn OFF
> subselected state in the <navbar:define>.

A 'selected' button is not active, since it is assumed to be the current
page.  The 'subselected' state is only a clickable 'selected' button, it
has nothing to do with colors.  To be more precise, layout for
'subselected' items is by default the same as 'normal' items, because
both are active.  In your case, simply redefine 'subselected' layout,
e.g. copy all definitions with type=S and replace type=S by type=SS

So, if you do want intermediate buttons to be clickable, no changes are
needed.  Otherwise, wml::des::navbar must be patched, but this looks
strange to me.

Denis Barbier
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