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Re: nested navbars2


Interesting, most of the pages I dealt with use coloring to show the active
item, while none of the sent examples do :)

>A 'selected' button is not active, since it is assumed to be the current
>page.  The 'subselected' state is only a clickable 'selected' button, it
>has nothing to do with colors.  To be more precise, layout for
It has, becase type will be SS, and imgstar third element will be used. 
To keep
it simple I refer to this with colors in the future (and past), ok? Like 
if you had

>'subselected' items is by default the same as 'normal' items, because
>both are active.  In your case, simply redefine 'subselected' layout,
>e.g. copy all definitions with type=S and replace type=S by type=SS
Imgstar third element, isn't it? I did never use the S,N,SS things yet, 
or just
a very few times. imgstar does all I need actually.

>So, if you do want intermediate buttons to be clickable, no changes are
>needed.  Otherwise, wml::des::navbar must be patched, but this looks
>strange to me.
Yes, this is true. But still one problem exists, which is not that bad: 
if you have
all menus in 1 file, all submenu names must be unique.

http://test.multigraph.com/imedeen/ shows a page where the left menu is
generated with http://test.multigraph.com/imedeen/Menu-left.wmlt running
http://test.multigraph.com/imedeen/menugen.sh.txt :-)

In this example I can do anything with menu. But... (I don't check it, 
because I think
I did, and I already spent a half hour preparing this stuff for this 
email :). So, if
you use unchanged wml codes,
1. you cannot alter state of the main menu items, while now ->
   - when you are in the first submenu of any mainmenu the main button 
is unactive
   - when you are on the second, third, the parent menu becomes active.
2. the main menu "Az on bore" remains blue, while I can set selected 
state on any
   submenu item. I think, originally it would be yellow (shame on me if 
not :-)

The second part is much important, especially when the menus are not on 
the same

The old problem came up again: the rendered javascript breaks my html. 
You can see
a bit more place under the selected menu, just becasuse the javascript 
goes into the
same TD cell as the image is in.
</TD> <-this is in the subnavbar

So this creates a space under the menu which has open submenu. Can we 
create any way
to divert the javascript? Or do you have other ideas? Maybe could we 
somehow define
something like <navbar:jsfunc> but for all javascript stuff? Maybe
<navbar:jsprolog>{#ALLJS#: </navbar:jsprolog>
<navbar:jsepilog>:#ALLJS#}</navbar:jsepilog>  Just an idea. There must 
be a nicer way.

ps: there are some lame things in the html, because I use others' html, 
will fix that.

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