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Re: nested navbars2

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 04:25:28PM +0100, Veres Ferenc wrote:
> The old problem came up again: the rendered javascript breaks my html. 
> You can see
> a bit more place under the selected menu, just becasuse the javascript 
> goes into the
> same TD cell as the image is in.
> <TD><IMG....>
> <SCRIPT...
> ...
> </TD> <-this is in the subnavbar
> So this creates a space under the menu which has open submenu. Can we
> create any way to divert the javascript? Or do you have other ideas?
> Maybe could we somehow define something like <navbar:jsfunc> but for
> all javascript stuff? Maybe
> <navbar:jsprolog>{#ALLJS#: </navbar:jsprolog>
> <navbar:jsepilog>:#ALLJS#}</navbar:jsepilog>  Just an idea. There must 
> be a nicer way.

You may have a look at wml::std::tags(1), especially explanations about
the <javascript> tag.  It does what you need, and put source code
between <head>...</head>.  So if you define <head> to divert its content
(e.g. as defined in wml::std::page), this problem should disappear.

You may also use <navbar:filter> as I did in previous example (which
could certainly be enhanced to be more educational, I'll work on it).

I do not have time just now to answer other questions, will do tonight
(your explanations did help a lot to understand your problem).

Denis Barbier
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