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Re: nested navbars2

On Thu, Mar 14, 2002 at 04:25:28PM +0100, Veres Ferenc wrote:
> Hi!
> Interesting, most of the pages I dealt with use coloring to show the active
> item, while none of the sent examples do :)
> >A 'selected' button is not active, since it is assumed to be the current
> >page.  The 'subselected' state is only a clickable 'selected' button, it
> >has nothing to do with colors.  To be more precise, layout for
> >
> It has, becase type will be SS, and imgstar third element will be used. 
> To keep it simple I refer to this with colors in the future (and
> past), ok? Like if you had imgstar="-gray:-red:-red".

No, the imgstar attribute does not deal with SS type, 3rd argument is
for rollover effect (onmouseover event).

> So, if you use unchanged wml codes,
> 1. you cannot alter state of the main menu items, while now ->
>    - when you are in the first submenu of any mainmenu the main button 
> is unactive
>    - when you are on the second, third, the parent menu becomes active.

Because the latter are compiled with -Dss, which adds 'subselected'
attribute to <navbar:render>.

> 2. the main menu "Az on bore" remains blue, while I can set selected
> state on any submenu item. I think, originally it would be yellow
> (shame on me if not :-)

I do not understand which rendering you want.  There are 2 alternatives:
  a) upper buttons are considered as selected, to display in which area
     we are currently
  b) upper buttons are normal (or rendered with a third icon), to show
     that they are active

When images are displayed by <navbar:button img=...> then only (a) is
available, because there is no image for subselected button (as said
Thus (b) can only be achieved with specific prologs and epilogs, this is
illustrated in the example I put online yesterday.

Tell me your choice, and I'll try to help you write your navbars.

Denis Barbier
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