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Re: nested navbars2


Thanks for the answers. I understood diverting javascript without
even checking the manpage you refer. It is obvious, since you told
me which manpage to check :-) Thanks.

About selections on nested bars. There are some different options, as
you told, but one is that I go mad on this problem. I have implemented
more and more pages, without even finishing the template, you know,
you have to present something to client to keep the work going on.

Eh, I am confused, I stared answering my own comment. :-))) I'd better
delete almost everything, and cleanstart.

Dennis Barbier wrote:

> I do not understand which rendering you want.  There are 2 alternatives:
>   a) upper buttons are considered as selected, to display in which area
>      we are currently
>   b) upper buttons are normal (or rendered with a third icon), to show
>      that they are active

None of them, better say, both! If you walk around a submenu, upper
buttons should remain selected but clickable. This shows you, where
you are, also allows you to go back original root of that mainmenu.

Anyway, I am lost. My colleagues are loosing the even small interest
in wml, because I could not redefine our own page's menu in 3 weeks.
I don't even know what I wanted and where I failed. Current state with
unmodified navbar.wml is shown:

Where "Services" menu in the main menu should be RED and ACTIVE.
Because if you press it you go to the root of "Services" menu.
"Implementation" is rendered with modified VML, where I can explicitly
set what is active, what is unactive, etc.

If I use your "select the sub directly" method, I cannot even define
which main menu is selected, that is why you don't see the right images
in "hosting" menu. I should have added something like:
select=ser_hosting icon=services
While with modified, I can add:
mainselect=services subselect=hosting

And I can FREELY define if "services" or "hosting" is active or not,
while both stay RED.
> Tell me your choice, and I'll try to help you write your navbars.

Described above, also made 2 example sites (both are production sites).
If I still could not explain what I wanted to do, then its time to give
up. You can check www.netngine.hu for the EXACT result I need.

The WML files are in http://test.multigraph.com/wmltry/wml/ directory,
but they are confusing, probably everything but hosting.wml uses my
modified navbar code.

It is not necessary that you answer, if you got bored on this problem.
I think most list members are already nervous when seeing this subject.


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