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Re: Compiling WML with Perl5.6

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 12:39:08PM +0000, Chris Ebenezer wrote:
> I have tracked down the problem.  In p3_eperl, the script eperl_perl5_sm.pl
> generates the following define when run.
> newXS("DynaLoader::boot_DynaLoader", boot_DynaLoader, file);\
> newXS("attrs::bootstrap", boot_attrs, file);\
> newXS("re::bootstrap", boot_re, file);
> I take it that this fragment is supposed to load up the dynamic modules on
> which eperl depends.  In my version of perl dynamic support is enabled, but
> both the attrs or re modules are staticly linked.  
> As soon as I take away the last two lines I am able to compile things
> perfectly.  So it looks like as if modifications to the perl script to
> detect things properly are needed.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough
> about this bit of perl to be able to suggest a fix.

Good catch, problem is then circumvented. These lines are indeed
generated by eperl_perl5_sm.pl, in xsi_body function.  This routine
comes from Extutils/Embed.pm
Could you replace this xsi_body function in eperl_perl5_sm.pl by the one
shipped with your Perl installation and see if it fixes this problem?
If it does, please send this function in order for me to integrate it.

Denis Barbier
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