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Bug in wml::std::page with bugfix.

There is a bug in WML::STD:PAGE (Or Microsoft Internet Explorer) that is
affecting me. It affects the <BODY> tag that is generaged by the <PAGE>
tag through the above library.

Microsoft (and maybe others) have a border arround the side of the
screen so that graphics and coloured tables do not extend right to the
edge. This is an issue for some sites that you might want to create. The
new paramaters are


In order to use these you need to be able to say
	<PAGE tOPMARGIN="0" LeftMargin=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0>
to set these paramaters. This does not set these paramaters though since
they are programatically checked for. 

The fix is to copy LINE 39 of PAGE.WML and paste it just after 4 times.
Then on each line change the word alink to the names of the tags listed
above. I set the defaults as being 10 for each. I don't know what the
defaults should be


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