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Re: name of current WML file

* nickel.de@gmx.de <nickel.de@gmx.de> [2002-04-15 19:58 +0200]:
> How do a write a macro that returns the name of the WML file being
> processed at the moment? (*not* the include file in which the macro is
> defined, and without directory and extension)

Either trust $(WML_SRC_FILENAME) or supply the true name to a variable
with wml -DREALNAME=$(basename ${thisfile} .wml) from your Makefile.

For example:

	<define-tag basename whitespace=delete>
			$_='<get-var WML_SRC_FILENAME>';
			s/\.wml\E//; # chop off extension
			print; # return results :-)

	Hi, the basename of this file is <basename>

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