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Re: Template tarball

> I also found none :-(
> but I've hidden a link on my own page to the crappy source of my
> website, but don't search for it!

Lucky I know exactly where it is then. Thanks :-)  

> > Also, I don't see a Makefile.  I know that wmk exists, but is standard
> > make not used in the build process?
> .wmkrc is what you search, but if you would read the man-page first....

I was really refering to the explicit use of make in addition to wmk.
For example, it would be nice to "make clean" or "make depend" as
one might in a C source tree.  Alternatively it would be nice to
generate the html files and the images in a separate directory (tree)
so that the source tree remains clean.  I thought 'make' might be in
normal use to this end.

Thanks for replying
William Morris

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