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Re: Template tarball

On  9 Mai, William Morris wrote:

>> > Also, I don't see a Makefile.  I know that wmk exists, but is standard
>> > make not used in the build process?
>> .wmkrc is what you search, but if you would read the man-page first....
> I was really refering to the explicit use of make in addition to wmk.
> For example, it would be nice to "make clean" or "make depend" as
> one might in a C source tree.  Alternatively it would be nice to
> generate the html files and the images in a separate directory (tree)
> so that the source tree remains clean.  I thought 'make' might be in
> normal use to this end.

At http://www.leidinger.net/FreeBSD/scripts/wml:Makefile.inc I have a
small framework for POSIX make (it doesn't work with GNU make) which
handles "make" and "make clean" (for my own files). It should be very
easy to add support to keep the source tree clean. Maybe it's of use for


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